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Smovey - swing & smile

Date:  30.09. - 07.10.2017

Small rings with a big effect - smovey rings lead to relax, mobilize and invigorate your body. Spring into action with smovey during active holidays at the BRETANIDE Sport & Wellness Resort. Experience the natural body flow with pleasure and audited supervision.

Service included: wake up every day activly and energetically and experience many practices for the whole brace, neck-, shoulder- and leg muscles with the smovey rings.

Active and swinging movements

  • are activating 97% of the whole body muscular system especially deep muscles stimulating therefor stimulating fat burning.
  • are vitalizing over 100 Mio. body cells lifting the connective tissue.
  • are massaging and relieving the Lymphsystem performing detoxication
  • are training the coordination abilities in order to contribute to fall prevention
  • are strengthening the abdominal and back muscles in order to contribute the support apparatus.
  • are releasing tension of neck and back muscles amm.

Smovey programm

  • smoveyFITNESS - conditional training with sweeping execises
  • smoveyWALK - walking tours to beautiful sights of Bol
  • smoveyMUSIC - swing n' shake with "good vibrations"
  • smoveyBALANCE - find your balance
  • smoveyRELAX - relaxation pure with smovey


Detailed info to the programm:

Min. number of participants: 20 persons
Price per person:                  € 99,-

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Smovey week

Smovey week

Smovey - swing & smile

Smovey - swing & smile