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Bring your circulation in swing, stretch your tired limbs and keep the joints mobile.  Following strengthen your muscles - it is the ideal start into the day!

Aqua fitness: Aqua fitness is a full-body exercise programme which is offered in either shallow or deep water with or without swimming or exercise devices. The aim is to exercise the arms, legs, bottom and upper body. Strength, mobility, perseverance and relaxation will be improved. The modern Aqua fitness exercise programme is more fitness-oriented compared to the classical water gymnastics as it contains several pilates exercise elements. The water buoyancy helps to relief the joints and the water resistance increases muscular strength and perseverance.

Gym: This activity helps you to improve your posture, to understand, correct and control your own body better. These exercises are not only about physical activity, but also about a better psychical perception of your body. 


Belly-Legs-Bottom, Belly Killer, Aerobic, Pilates,...

An effective strengthening training for your problem zones of the bellies, legs and bottom. Specific exercises to strengthen the body and muscles and to reduce fat deposits!

Belly-legs-bottom: If you wish to have a flat belly, firm thighs and a tight bottom, the exercises which we have prepared for you will help you reach your goal.

Aerobic: Musical aerobics is a full-body exercise programme, which includes running, hopping, strengthening and stretching exercises. This programme improves and activates heart – circulation, coordination, condition and muscular perseverance. If you want to reduce stress and get in better shape, you will reach your goal with these exercises. Aerobics is suitable for beginners as well as for advanced.

Relaxation Training

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Leaving the daily rut behind, relieve tension and stress as well as strenghten your muscles - a soft training to help to relax your muscles and to help to improve your body posture as well as your mobilisation and joints. It is also a prevention of muscle contractures.

Mobilisation & Stretching: To have a healthy back, we need 3 components: Mobilisation, strenghtening and stretching. The most important component is the strengthening, because a healthy back needs strong back muscles, as well as strong shoulder, bottom and stomach muscles. To begin with, the backbone is mobilised and joints and muscles are warmed up. Balance exercises are also part of the programme to achieve better body stability. After the strengthening, final stretching will be exercised.

Health back: Nowadays the number one health problem is back pain. With these exercises we help you to relax your muscles as the cause of pain mostly lies in the muscle fibers, which have contracted and cannot relax anymore. Wrong movements and a lack of exercise are mostly the cause for back pains.

Endurance training

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Training in the aerobec zone strengthens your condition and lets unwanted fad pads melt. Endurance means the ability to exersice a certain physical power for a period of more than some minutes.

Nordic Walking: The use of walking sticks turns walking into an exercise, with which you also use the muscles of your upper body. Nordic Walking is ideal for both, beginners as well as sports enthusiasts. Nordic Walking burns more calories and is a very good preventive sport for back pain. If you would like to get fit and want to have fun at the same time, Nordic Walking is the sport for you.



Aqua fitness

Aqua fitness