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The BRETANIDE Sport & Wellness-Resort is situated on the Island of Brač in the village of Bol between Split and the Island of Hvar (Site plan). The BRETANIDE Sport & Wellness Resort can be reached by plane from/to Austria,Germany and Slovakia, by the BRETANIDE bus from/to Graz as well as by night Train or/and car to Split. The Island of Brač can be reached from Split by ferry or catamaran.

  • Arrival by plane from Graz, Linz, Bratislava directly on Brac

Direct flight from Graz and Linz to the island of Brač. The direct flight from GRUBER-Reisen guarantees a quick and comfortable journey. A direct flight every Saturday - in 1 1/2 hours at the BRETANIDE Sport & Wellness Resort.

Direct flight to the island of Brac from Bratislava.

Scheduled flights: Another option is to travel to Split by plane from Vienna or from several airports in Germany.
Crossing the sea by ferry to Supetar and from Supetar by bus or taxi to the hotel. Ask for your transfer offer.


  • Bus arrival

In addition, GRUBER-reisen offers weekly bus connections from June 26th. untill October 02nd 2021 to the island of Brač.
Therefore a fast and comfortable journey is guaranteed. Journey by the bus with departure at Graz - main train station at around 09 p.m. - additional pick-up points can be realised on demand. Early in the morning, arrival in Split and crossing the sea by ferry. Arrival at the BRETANIDE Sport & Wellness Resort to breakfast.

  • Car arrival

The highway to Split has been completed end-to-end. Journey by car to Split. At Split you will take the ferry to Supetar. From there you continue by car to Bol. At several times, there is a ferry during the day.
Route planner

  •  Night train arrival from Bratislava, Vienna or Graz to Split

The new night train is scheduled to run twice a week on the Bratislava - Vienna - Graz - Split route until mid-September, starting on June 18th, 2021. Timetable details:

  •      EN1253: Bratislava 03.51 p.m. - Vienna 06.01 p.m. - Graz 09.01 p.m. - Split 9.50 a.m. (nights Tuesday / Wednesday and Friday / Saturday, runs from June 18th untill September 10th)
  •      EN1252: Split 04.48 p.m. - Graz 5.29 a.m.- Vienna 8.58 a.m. - Bratislava 10.49 a.m. (nights Wednesday / Thursday and Saturday / Sunday, runs from June 19th untill September 11th)

Find out more and book at .  See your transfer options.

Plane journey

Plane journey

Bus journey

Bus journey