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Break Time
Head, neck and shoulder massage to release tension and reduce stress.

Partial Massage 
Intensive massage of aching body parts. This twenty-five-minute treatment is recommended when dealing with acute pains and fatigue and provides immediate relief.

4 - Hands Partial Massage
The 4-hands partial massage is an excellent choice to treat aching body parts. This coordinated treatment by 2 massage therapists guarantees a better and more intense stress relief result.

Face and Cleavage
An intensive treatment that stimulates lymphatic activity, opens the pores and supports the respiration of the skin during soft stimulation of the acupressure points, which will relief tension in the head, neck and shoulder area.

Acupressure Head Massage
Acupressure head massage is a simultaneously stimulating and relaxing massage, perfect to relief built-up tension in the head and neck area and it is proven to be highly effective against headaches.

Acupressure Foot Massage
Acupressure foot massage is a natural healing massage that stimulates the reflective pressure points of the foot, activates your metabolism and reconstitutes the natural balance of your body. Especially effective against stress-related discomforts like headaches, fatigue and insomnia.

Shiatsu Massage
Shiatsu massage stimulates certain energy points by soft pressure, circling compression and stretching whilst preserving the condition and the energy. It also strengthens the organs and works against blockages of the meridians.

Classic (Swedish) Massage
Classic Swedish massage stimulates your lymphatic system and the blood stream with 5 major massage movements directed towards the human heart. Ideal for detoxification, deep muscle relaxation and stimulation of your circulation.

Sport Massage
Immediate relaxation after work-outs, supports the removal of toxins and lactic acids. This very intense massage rebalances body chemistry and provides deep relaxation.

4-Hands Relaxing Massage
Our 4-hands massage is a synchronised massage providing stimulation and detoxification. Enhances the reduction of stress and leads to a wonderfully relaxing feeling of complete freshness.

4-Hands Acupressure Relaxing Massage
Our 4-hands acupressure relaxation massage combines a classical 4-hands massage with acupressure techniques in a new way. This treatment releases existing energy and creates space for new power. This massage will deeply relax you and while stimulating metabolism and the lymphatic system it will also reduce stress and all its related symptoms. Essential oils support the energy flow and restore your personal balance.

6 Hand Royal Massage
The climax of personal indulgent. Dive into the experience of this very effective treatment that focuses on the acupressure points. Enjoy this massage when you feel that you deserve the very best. Especially effective against stress related discomforts like headaches, fatigue and insomnia.

4-Hands Anti-cellulite Massage
The 4-hands anti-cellulite massage is a strong detoxifying treatment that speeds up the metabolic removal of fat cells in the affected areas. This treatment removes water retention and stimulates the micro-circulation. It strengthens and smoothers the skin and provides it with a healthy radiance.

Slim and Fit
Slim & Fit is a combination of a body wrap, containing a nutritive serum and a half hour 4-hands anti-cellulite massage using AROMA NUTRITIVE massage oil. This very special treatment guarantees the loss of body fat in problem areas and forms powerful, well-shaped muscles. Lymphatic drainage and acupressure additionally enhance detoxification and body shaping.

Thai Massage
Thai massage is a unique and powerful therapy combining acupressure, stretching and passive yoga exercises to restore your energy balance. Skilfully directed movements restore the perfect harmony of body and soul, and get rid of blockages of your energy streams.


4 hands massage

4 hands massage

Body massage

Body massage

Back massage

Back massage