Insider tips Brač

Insider tips Brač

Brač, the island of sun, olives, vines, stones and the sea

“Brač, the name smells of basil and rosemary. In the morning and
In the evening, the sun casts its rays through the crowns of the pine trees
and the olive trees. The sea carries on a perpetual conversation
with the rocky coast and the white beaches.”

Jure Kastelan, 1967 (Croatian poet)

Luftaufnahme BRETANIDE mit Strand und Meer

Brač Island

The island of Brač reveals itself to us in two ways: on the one hand with its tame coastline, beautiful beaches and bays on the crystal-clear sea, small tourist villages, and on the other with the charm of the interior, its quarries, old churches and hermitages, olive groves and interesting settlements.

The island of sun, stone and sea is home to the famous white limestone and is also known throughout the world for it. The limestone was used to build many magnificent buildings, such as the White House or the Parliament in Vienna.


Bol, the dreamy fishing village with its small harbor, is located on the south side of the island of Brač. In Bol you can gain a wide range of impressions, on the one hand the town captivates with its beautiful pebble beaches and crystal-clear water, on the other with its fascinating landscapes and cultural highlights. In the village itself there are many stores, restaurants, pubs and a wine cellar; on the outskirts is the Dominican monastery with a museum and botanical garden.

Bol ‘s attractions include the unique view from “Vidova Gora” and, above all, the most famous beach in Croatia – the “Golden Horn” (Zlatni Rat). The rugged rocky slopes of Vidova Gora shield Bol at its back, while the Golden Horn with its wonderful golden beach stretches out towards the sea.

Vidova Gora is the highest mountain on the Dalmatian islands at 778 meters above sea level. On a clear day, you can see across many Dalmatian islands all the way to Italy.

The “Zlatni Rat” is a headland of white gravel that juts out about 500 meters into the sea, which is shaped by wind and waves. The tip of the beach sometimes faces west, sometimes east – depending on how the sea currents and winds change it. Thanks to the pine forest, Zlatni Rat is always calm on one side, making sunbathing and swimming a particular pleasure.

The small but thoroughly modern wine cellar of the “Prva Dalmatinska Vinarska Zadruga” from 1903 in Bol now houses a small exhibition, and a large selection of wines is on offer in the sales room.

The Dominican monastery from the 15th century is situated in a unique idyllic location, surrounded by two pebble beaches. The monastery garden is planted with Mediterranean plants. There is a museum in the monastery where centuries-old manuscripts, books and documents are kept. The old church invites you to linger in contemplation.

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