Fitness program

Fitness program


The BRETANIDE offers you countless opportunities to get your body going during your vacation.

We offer you supervised strength, endurance and relaxation training with fun, motivation and guaranteed success. Our entertainment team will accompany you on various workouts or guided toursand ensure that you stay motivated.


Aerobics: An effective strengthening workout for the problem areas arms, legs, stomach and bottom! Targeted strengthening exercises build up muscles and make any fat deposits disappear!

Aqua fitness: aqua fitness is a full-body workout that can be done in shallow water at chest height with or without equipment such as a float. a swimming noodle is offered. The arms, legs, bottom and torso are trained. The water buoyancy promotes joint relief and the water resistance promotes muscle strength and endurance.

Abs, legs and bums: If you want to have a flat stomach, firm thighs and a tight bottom, you can achieve all of this with this workout, because the exercises we have prepared for you will help you achieve your goal.

Gymnastics: We get you fit for the day. These activities help you to improve your posture, understand your own body better, correct and control yourself better. It is important to note that these exercises are not just about physical activity, but also about improving your mental awareness of your body.

Endurance training

Cycling tours and hikes: Discover the island of Brac on a well-balanced bike tour or a relaxed hike. Aerobic training strengthens your stamina and quickly melts fat deposits.

Walking: Directly in front of the Bretanide is a beach promenade that leads to Zlatni Rat on one side and to the village of Bol on the other. The pine forest provides pleasant shade, making the promenade the perfect starting point for a relaxed or intensive running session.

Nordic walking: The use of poles turns walking into an exercise that also works the muscles of the upper body. This type of exercise burns more calories and prevents back pain.

Relaxation training

Body & Mind, relaxation training: leave everyday life behind you, release tension, reduce stress and strengthen your muscles – a gentle workout to relax your muscles, prevent muscle spasms, improve your posture and mobilize your joints.

Mobilization & stretching: To have a healthy back, we need 3 components: Mobilization, strengthening and stretching. The most important component here is strengthening, because a healthy back requires strong back muscles. In addition to the back muscles, strong shoulders, buttocks and abdominal muscles are also very important. At the beginning, the spine is mobilized and joints and muscles are warmed up. Balance exercises are also on the program to achieve better body stability. After strengthening, final stretching is necessary.

Back fitness: Back pain is the number one widespread disease. With these exercises we help you to relax your muscles again, because the cause of the pain usually lies in the muscle fibers, which have contracted and can no longer relax. Incorrect strain and lack of exercise are usually blamed for back pain.

Yoga: Yoga is a form of exercise which, with its numerous benefits, is enriching for almost everyone. In addition to the physical changes you achieve with yoga, you will also gain mental strength.

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