Body treatments

Body treatments

Body scrub

Refreshing and aromatic body scrub for velvety smooth and soft skin thanks to a balanced combination of medicinal sea salts and aromatic oils that nourish the skin. Ideal application for rapid recovery and absorption of new energy and freshness.

Body Wrap

Body wrap with aromatic mud made from seaweed, which is very nourishing for the skin. Stimulates regeneration and promotes detoxification of the entire body.

Body Balance

Wrap including aroma body peeling with customized aromatherapy application. Foot reflexology massage during the wrap and a regenerating Shiatsu massage to remove energy blockages. Brings new energy into your life.

Back care

Back treatment for problem skin. This anti-aging regeneration treatment includes gentle cleansing, power peeling with aromatic oils and healing herbs, deep pore treatment, relaxing back, shoulder and neck massage, a vitamin recovery mask to improve skin elasticity, tone and texture, aromatherapy tailored to skin type and a final moisturizing treatment.


Aroma body peeling with suitable aromatherapy application for your individual needs. Cosmetic facial massage for beautiful, radiant skin. Finish with a 4-hand relaxation massage for the whole body, including palms and feet for fantastic relaxation and radiance.

Lymphatic drainage

Lymphatic drainage is a massage technique that aims to restore the balance between the body and body fluids. Lymphatic drainage is particularly recommended for water deposits in the tissue. Technique: Gentle circular and pumping massage movements are used to achieve a detoxifying effect on your body.

Aroma wrap and peeling

Aroma wrap including exfoliation with nourishing aromatic oils and medicinal sea salts. This treatment consists of a tailor-made aromatherapy program to detoxify and revitalize the skin. Followed by a 30-minute peeling with selected aromatic oils for smooth and soft skin. Especially recommended before and after sunbathing, before an anti-cellulite treatment or simply for extra refreshment and energy.

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